Winter 2016


General Category

Best in Show:



“Who’s Taller Now?”by Maureen Moore

Judges Comments:

The Title is really good – it directs the viewer’s eyes to the lone tall tree. The color saturation is really nice. If you crop out the bottom a little bit – an inch or two – it will improve the image slightly.


First Place: dsd_1497


“Waiting for the Light” by Dale Leifeste

Judges Comments:

Very Powerful image! The shadows act like ‘Leading Lines’ and lead you right to the two subjects. Well Done!


Second Place:




“Tie Dye Ripples” by Eric Goin

Judges Comments:

Great Title! Very Well Done!

Third Place: dsd_1509


“Fading Light” by Larry Cohen

Judges Comments:

Composition is beautiful – gorgeous and dramatic print. A dark black border would enhance this image’s presentation.

Portrait Category

Best in Show:

Note: Only three Portrait Images received “Merit Print” scores by the two Judges, and therefore the “Best in Show” ribbon was not awarded in the Portrait Category.


First Place


the-schemersheilab“The Schemer” by Sheila Bogart

Judges Comments:

Great Title! This is a good example of knowing the rules of good portrait lighting and being able to break the rules. Having the lighting coming up from underneath gives this ‘Schemer’ a devilish appearance!

Second Place



“Disturbing Thoughts” by Deborah Cohen

Judges Comments:

Good Title. Great portrait photo – the lighting is beautiful . . . there’s details in the dark and the highlight areas. Unfortunately, the wide white mat detracts from the subject – it draws the viewer’s eyes out of the image. A thin white pinstripe with a two inch dark black border would enhance the presentation.

Third Place


“First Kiss” by Les Muldorf

Judges Comments:

This photo is adorable! The details are visible in both the highlights and the shadows, BUT the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. This image would easily score higher if it was matted and presented better.



Maureen Gates and Frank Bulfamante – December 10, 2016


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