Monthly Program

Susan Magnano Presents

Let’s Get Creative with Painting Portraits


Join Susan Magnano as she shines her light to reveal her secrets to her Luminescent Portraits Series. She will review how to scout for the perfect light painting location, what gear you will need, how to make your own light painting tools and how to create different patterns and techniques. She will share with you her tricks and tips that will help build your artistic vision and inspire you to embrace the darkness and go out and create.


Susan Magnano is a photographer, an explorer and an educator who loves capturing the beauty of the people and places around her. 

After getting her start as a photojournalist, Susan transitioned her skill for capturing moments into shooting events and portraits. As an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of experience, Susan is a respected educator in the industry and now shares her innovative techniques and globally-cultivated perspective on her Photo Adventures. 

Photour Adventures was created out of Susan’s desire to share her passion for photography and travel through workshops and photowalks.  She loves chasing the best light from sunrise to sunset and creates her own light into the night. Susan is a renowned light painter and loves teaching her techniques and  unique style that is featured in her Luminescent Portraits Series.

She partners with B&H Photo and is a Nisi Instructor. She has presented at Optic, Depth of Field, Night Photo Summit and The Outsiders Photography Conference. 





Contact info: Susan Magnano 



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