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                      Sasa Lin


                       BIRDS, BIRDS, BIRDS

             I started photography at the end of 2014 when my husband bought me my first ever camera, a Sony rx100 m3 point-and-shoot camera. At beginning my interest was mainly focusing on local landscape, my goal was to show the beauty of my surrounding ignored by others. I was self-taught, learning photography by lot of practice. When I ran into technical issue, google and youtube were and still are my best teacher. Pretty soon, I switched to use Fuji-film Xt-2, then xpro2 and xt-3, I love the light-weight and vivid color of fuji-film. 

            When Nikon D850 came out, I switched to Nikon. Not until I bought nikkor 500mmPF lens in May 2019, I started to taking wildlife pictures, and became so addictive to wildlife photography. 

            At the beginning of covid pandemic, a friend took me to photograph moonrise over Empire State Building, I fell in love with the moon photography and have been chasing moon and sun since.

            In the past three years, my main interests are Moon and wildlife, as well as some travel landscape photography. I have joined several workshops to visit different part of worlds, also learned some post processing technique from those workshop leaders which has been tremendously helpful.

            I was born in China, came to US to attend graduate school in 1992. My undergraduate and graduate education was Biology, later I switched my career to become a software engineer. I decided to retire early on 2021, to pursuit my passion for photography full time.

On top of showing some of my works, I will be talking about how I started wildlife photography, the equipment choices, such as camera and lens. My take on the use of tripod or monopod. Also how to look for wildlife. The last but not the least, the importance of post processing wildlife pictures.


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