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Dear DRPP Members:

It’s time for our 3rd and final print competition of 2022.  While we are going to be conducting the competition LIVE and IN PERSON, we are going to use a DIGITAL print for this image competition as the previous competition(s) were conducted as digitals.  We ask that you ready your prints as DIGITAL images and use the submission tool via the link below to submit.

As a reminder, you can submit up to a total of 6 images across the 3 imaging categories – which include:

• Illustrative
• Artistic
• Portrait

There must be at least 3 prints in a category for ribbons to be awarded.

Images should be no more than 4000 pixels on a side.  They should be JPG set to 100 or 10 (tool dependent) for the quality of the JPG. There is a limit of 10MB for each file – and our uploading tool will enforce that limit.  

The image submission tool will prompt you to upload images into a Google Form.  There are 6 slots in this form.  If you are entering less than 6 prints, thats not a problem, just skip to the end of the uploader #6 and hit SUBMIT.

YOU MUST HIT SUBMIT for your images to be entered into the tool!  You should see a message at the end of the form that says, “Your response has been recorded.”  
If you do not see that message, your prints have NOT been submitted.

In addition, if you had any prints that scored 80 and better during the year, those prints are eligible for Print of the Year.  There is a separate link below to re-submit your POYs. The POY Uploader tool also will accept up to 6 prints. If you have more than 6 prints for POY, use the link a second time after you submit your first 6 prints to add additional prints.

The Print entry tools will remain opened until MONDAY, December 5 at MIDNIGHT. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE.

Print submissions should be 4000 pixels on the longest edge, JPG files with a compression factor of 10 or 100 (tool dependent) and 10MB or less.  If your print is < 10MB use additional compression (eg: 90 or 9).


Print Name_Category_Maker Name.jpg

Example – a photo called “The Tree of Life” by Steven Labkoff that’s in the Illustrative Category would be named: 

The Tree of Life_Illustrative_Steven Labkoff.jpg

Please use the correct naming convention.

Please click HERE for entering your December Competition Prints  (in case the link does not work:

Please click HERE for entering your Print of the Year Prints (in case the link does not work:

If you have any questions please email Steve Labkoff :

Steve Labkoff
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