Jim Christensen – Guide to Compositing

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These notes are meant as a reference and study guide for Jim’s workshop on compositing using Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Use this document to select and view the relevant video clips (wich run about an hour and a half in total.) There are three main sections:

  • Compositing Examples – ideas for rendings that use compositing.
  • Photosop Basics – the basics of using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for making composite images.
  • Compositing Techniques – step-by-step examples that demonstrate techniques for making composite images.

✓ Click Here to watch the intro video.

Compositing Examples

  • ✓ Click Here to get a glimpose at the two images that are explained in detail in the Compositing Techniques section (below).
  • ✓ Click Here to watch the background replacement examples.
  • ✓ Click Here to watch the eye replacement example.
  • ✓ Click Here to see the examples on composing scenes in Photoshop.
  • ✓ Click Here to see the examples rolled into circles.

Photoshop Basics

Compositing Techniques – Layer Masks

Layer masks let us see the pixels on more than one layer to make a composite image from multiple photos.

Compositing Techniques – Blend Modes

Some image pairs can be combined far better and more quickly using blend modes rather than using carefully constructed layer masks.

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