Spring 2019

Illustrative Category


Judges Comments:

    • Frank – 83 – simplicity, curves and diagonal lines. Good visual impact. Title – you know its a staircase with grandeur – but think about titles that can create an emotion – give a title with impact. 99% of a great photograph – just change title.
    • Ken – 84 -Loved it – superb tonal range.  Good triangle brings you in, has good story telling.
    • Scored 84

Special Note: Tom is a new member and this is his first competition!  Great Job Tom.


FIRST PLACE – “WICKED” – Sherrie Fryxell

Judges Comments:

  • Wicked – Graphic – 87 – graphic creation of an evil character
    • Ken – 86-  has impact well done, the eyes are great – likes the light underneath – tells a nice story.  Winner.
    • Frank – 87 – Excellent – it’s been said.


2nd PLACE – “DEVINE GRANDEUR” – Sherrie Fryxell

Judges Comments:

  • Devine Grandeur – Stained glass window – 82
    • Frank – its been said – wants to see presentation of a better pin stripe – was not obvious – take a color around it as the matching color to one in the image.  To have a gray mat w/ a black image background – the mat is washed out – but the brilliance of the photograph does not fit the mat.
    • Ken – 84 – likes nice story telling w/ cross and the church and the deep colors – well done.


3rd PLACE – “4 to 1” – Sherrie Fryxell

Judges Comments:

  • 4 2 1 – 81 – person w/ umbrella under a building entrance
    • Bovat – gave it an 80 – likes tonal range, subject placement is good.  Title was tough – the “one” is the person. Have to think about it – may not be the ideal tittle for this.  Can be a good thing
    • Frank – 82 – liked the impact – simplicity, simplicity, when you have a great composition like this, when you can’t help but look at the umbrella in the image, and nothing else is distracting, you have a good technical good photograph.  Good exposure.


A special Thank you to our judges for Spring Print Competition:

Ken Bovat and Frank Dispensa


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