Spring, 2013

Print Competition Winners

38 prints were entered into the Spring 2013 Print Competition, and 16 prints received scores in the “Merit Print” category. Print Competition Judges Frank Dispensa and Maureen Gates gave constructive critique comments for each image in the competition, and awarded ribbons to four prints as the “Best of the Best”.

(Roll your cursor over the images to view the winning prints).

Best in Show

by Dale Leifeste

Judges’ Comments: Absolutely beautiful print! Perfect exposure of the light and shadows. Very well done! I like the diagonal lines of the leaves.

First Place
“Zen Meditation”
by Dale Leifeste

Judges’ Comments: The overall tonality of this image is gorgeous. Thin is in! The lone flower in the vase is leaning in the correct direction to lead the viewer into the image; it wouldn’t look as good if it was standing straight up in the vase. I love the flowering plant in the lower left corner!

Second Place
“To Hell and Back”
by Theresa Terilli

Judges’ Comments: The Title of this image invokes emotion, and the pose adds tension / drama / emotion. Compositionally, the matting is great and the thin pinstripe around the image brings the viewer into this portrait image. I like the fact that the picture isn’t centered in the mat – there’s a larger border on the right side and bottom than on the left side and the top.

Third Place
“Wetland in Winter”
by Tom Doyle

Judges’ Comments: The landscape composition is great! The thin pinstripe line enhances the image. The muted grey mat works well with this image – instead of a glossy black mat.

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