Winter, 2013

Print Competition Winners

Frank Dispensa, James Ferrara and Joe Brady were Judges for our Winter 2013 Print Competition held in December 2013.

(Roll your cursor over the images to view the winning prints).

Best in Show
“Look for the Light”
by Dale Leifeste

Judges’ Comments: Best in Show: This image is very nice, excellent composition. Nice color harmony, good tonality, and simplicity. Overall a great exposure. The open door is an invitation to come inside; the warmth of the colors is also inviting.

First Place
“Three Sisters”
by Tom Doyle

Judges’ Comments: First Place: Very good composition . . . nice arrangement. Nice presentation. It looks like this image was photographed using a “Ring Light” since the light is straight on the flowers. Use an off-camera flash so that there will be directional lighting on the subject – showing both highlights and shadows.

Second Place
“Always Ready and Waiting”
by Janet Snyder

Judges’ Comments: Second Place: This is a very nice image . . . nice mood. Ideally, having only one boat in the picture would be better than having two “subjects” but obviously, unless you know the boat owners, you need to photograph the scene as it is. If there was room for the photographer to walk to their left a few feet, this would be a better image since the photo would then show some separation between the two boats.

Third Place
“Camera Ready”
by Dale Leifeste

Judges’ Comments: Third Place: The Title obviously enhances this print! Ready 24/7. The impact is rather nice. Good print!

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