Spring 2016


Illustrative / Landscape Category


Best in Show:   “Our Special Place” – by Maureen Moore



Judges Comments:

Very, Very, VERY nicely done!   There’s a nice ‘Leading Line’ coming in from the left, and Mother Nature has lit the couple perfectly for this image.  Crop out / clone out the sign on the first post – it’s distracting – not needed.  The inside black border should be thinner, and the thin line should be a warm sunrise tone . . . NOT bright yellow.

First Place:   “Remember” – by Janet Snyder


Remember 3 web

Judges comments:

“When an Image doesn’t need a Title to tell the story it has IMPACT”!   These three Images tell the whole story – there’s an old dirt road or path, and an old grave site from many years ago on the side of this country road.


Second Place:   “Snowbird” – by Ed Mekeel



Judges Comments: 

Very nice sharp image – there are details in the bird’s feathers.  The matboard goes very well with the bird’s color.   Oftentimes we recommend a Glossy Black Mat around images, BUT this is one of those exceptions – very nice.

Third Place:   “Fallen Leaf” – by Dale Leifeste


Dale Leifeste-Fallen

Judges Comments:

The fact that the large leaf is brighter than all of the other leaves in this image makes it have Impact – it’s obviously the ‘Subject’.   Clone leaves from the tree branches into the upper right-hand corner to cover the bright sky area – too distracting – shouldn’t have ‘snippets’ like this sky showing.


Portrait Category

Best in Show“Not sure if the Vagabond Life is right for me” – by Sheila Bogart



Great story-telling, with nice ‘Leading Lines’ coming into the Image.  The placement of the subject is perfect.    However – there is obviously a contradiction in the ‘Direction of Light’.   You can’t have light coming from two separate directions.


 Frank Dispensa and Maureen Gates – April 14, 2016

 A special thank you goes out to Maureen for her very insightful judging and critiques.


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