Spring, 2014

Print Competition Winners

35 prints were entered into the Spring 2014 Print Competition, and 14 prints received scores in the “Merit Print” category.   Print Competition Judges Frank Dispensa and Joe Brady gave constructive critique comments for each image in the competition, and awarded ribbons to four prints as the “Best of the Best”.

(Roll your cursor over the images to view the winning prints).


Best in Show
“Bad to the Bone”

Judges’ Comments: Great Title! Great story telling / impact! We love diagonal lines, and the dog’s scooter or “motorcycle” is at a nice 45 degree angle, and the front wheels are turned slightly rather than remaining straight ahead. The only improvement that I can suggest is to cut off about an inch from the top of this image and also an inch from the bottom.

First Place
by Janet Snyder

Judges’ Comments: This is a “Cool Image” – everything about it is cool! Having the Orb dead center – breaking the “Rule of Thirds” – works well in this image with the rays of light spreading out in all directions. With a better title rather than “Orb” . . . this print could easily receive a score in the 90s.

Second Place
“Be Seated”
by Dale Leifeste

Judges’ Comments: Graphically, compositionally, this image is stunning – especially with the shadows of the tables and chairs. The title “Be Seated” doesn’t help this image at all. A more creative title would help this image garner a few more points.

Third Place
“Star of Nature”
by Diane Bollen

Judges’ Comments: Very VERY Sharp Image! There’s a nice leaning “leading line” drawing the viewer to the flower. The thin pinstripe around the image is very nice. Compositionally, it would be a better image if the left two inches of black space was cropped out, and the flower turned slightly so that the stem started in the lower left-hand corner and rose up at a 45 degree angle. This image should have been printed as a 16” x 20” Print without a mat – the light grey mat around the image is very distracting.

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