Spring 2017


BEST IN SHOW -“Camouflaged” – Janet Snyder

Judges Comments:   “Very artistic . . . VERY WELL DONE!”


FIRST  PLACE – “Window Bars and Woman Scars” – Rocco Landi

Judges Comments:  “This image has a lot of Impact. We LOVE ‘Diagonal Lines’. The lighting looks nice coming in from the side like this.


SECOND PLACE – “Sometimes It’s Just Too Much” – Deborah Cohen

Judges Comments:  “The presentation is very nice; impact is really good. The Hand is obviously the subject.”


THIRD PLACE – “Contemplation: – Les Muldorf

Judges Comments:  “Very nice portrait photo; the Lighting is correct – the subject’s face is lit on the ‘Short Side’ of the face. The ear on the left side of his face should be darker. Some light from the main light is wrapping around and illuminating his ear.”




BEST IN SHOW – “Light at the End of the Tunnel” – Sherrie Fryxell

Judges Comments:  “Great Presentation! The leading lines all around the interior of the tunnel ALL bring you right to the subject. This image wouldn’t have been as dramatic if it had been taken from dead-center in the tunnel with the left and right sides equal.”


FIRST PLACE – “Golden Hour” – Dale Leifeste

Judges Comments:  “Very nice . . . the ‘Light Direction’ gives definition to both the highlights and the shadows.”


SECOND PLACE -“Peaceful Sunrise” – Deborah Cohen

Judges Comments:  “This is a ‘Near Perfect’ scenic landscape image, except for the little snippet of blue sky in the upper left-hand corner which is distracting. The river makes for a very nice leading line coming into the scene. Gorgeous image . . . Spectacular!”

THIRD PLACE – “Parking Violation” – Sherrie Fryxell

Judges Comments:  “Nice leading line coming in from the left. I LOVE the tonality and the presentation.””

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