Monthly Program

Steve Labkoff 
Close-up and Macro Photography
Macro Abstract
Abstract: Close-up and Macro photography provides a new world of imaging – with things that are typically right under your nose.  This talk will go over introductory and intermediate concepts on how to get started, what tools are needed, and figuring out strategies to get best results using a variety of techniques: single shot, multiple-shot focus stacking, and telephoto-pseudo macro imaging.  The talk will go over tools, techniques and work flows in processing macro photographs to get best results including:  subject preparation and selection, image planning, lighting & lighting strategies, and setting up an in-house macro studio.  Many example image will be presented – with explanations on how these images were made.
My Short Bio
Dr. Steven Labkoff, is a resident of Fairfield County, Connecticut. Since the age of 9, Dr. Labkoff captures life as it happens though his lens.  Over his lifetime his work appeared in newspapers, books and websites.  His work captures life from unexpected perspectives – including macro, aerial, night, and astrophotography.  It is his goal to provide a point of view on a subject that the viewer might not otherwise be able to see.  From the grandeur of the Milky Way to the tiny details on a butterfly or a bee, his work presents the world in ways that are simply not seen every day.  His photography has been in galleries on 3 continents.  Hes won numerous regional and national awards including a silver medal at the 2020 Professional Photographers of Americas International Photography Competition.  His photography can be viewed at: and he can be reached or

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