Items for Sale

This section will be for members hoping to sell photography related equipment.

A brief description of the item is needed and a photo or two can accompany it.

Please submit asking price, any important details and YOUR CONTACT INFO in a word document to Theresa at

All inquiries must go directly to seller. The DRPP assumes NO responsibility for equipment or details.  Items for sale will remain on this page for a maximum of 90 days, or until sold.



Sherrie Fryxell

I am selling my Canon 5D Mark II body since it has become too heavy for me with my current back problems.  I have replaced it with a new Sony Mirrorless.  Right now I will not be selling my Canon L-Lenses as I have too much money invested and although they are still heavy, I am taking it one step at a time by using an adapter for to make them usable on the Sony.

If you could send the attached info to DRPP members, I would greatly appreciate it.  Anyone interested or with questions can send me an email at